Abiola Okusanya, Pharmacist

Abiola Okusanya


Abiola Okusanya is owner and Pharmacist at Providence Family Pharmacy. She graduated in 1972 from the College of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University of Ife, Nigeria, the premier university in Nigeria. Abiola has spent over 40 years of experience practicing pharmacy and working in retail, community, and hospital settings in both Nigeria and the USA.

Abiola believes in forming relationships that lead to optimizing health outcomes in patient care.

In her free time, she enjoys listening to gospel music, going for walks, relaxing and spending time with her family.

“I am proud to be a pharmacist. Our profession is dedicated to helping people and supporting the economy through responsible drug use. Since I began working in the industry, I have seen how important it is to have an educated workforce.”

To schedule a consultation with Abiola, ask a question, or learn more about your prescription medications, please call her at (414) 800-7171.
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Abiola Okusanya, Chief Pharmacist
Abiola Okusanya and Dr. Okusanya
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